A&D ICT limited

Network Solutions

Networks are important to all businesses, as they are the thread that connects your computers to your data... if that thread is not right you will have unreliable or bad performing connections that could lead to frustration, data loss and even worse a loss of business or customers.

At A&D ICT limited we look at your requirements and make sure that you are provided with the right networking equipment to do the job. We believe in installing the right scale of equipment, so you can be assured that you will not end up paying the earth for equipment that you do not require. We have expert knowledge in analyzing, specifying, configuring and installing any networking equipment that your company may need. Once it is installed we can then maintain and support the equipment to ensure that it continues to fulfill its role within your business. Our CCNP trained network engineers are always available to help with troubleshooting, design or equipment configuration in large or small networking projects.