A&D ICT limited

IT services

Over 15 years experience in supporting enterprise network environments.

A&D ICT limited is a company based in Yorkshire which offers flexible IT services. We have over 15 years experience within the IT industry and the knowledge to reinforce this. Our core service is to provide fully tailored IT consultancy to support small and medium businesses within the Yorkshire area without the associated high costs. To provide you with a better understanding of what this includes listed below are some of the specific areas that we cover –

  • System Analysis Planning and Design
  • Implementation
  • Consultancy and Advice
  • Systems Maintenance and Helpdesk

We have experience and qualifications in many desktop and server systems including Windows, Linux, Apple OSX and networking vendors including Cisco, Extreme, and Netgear. We also specialise in WIFI design and troubleshooting.


Systems Maintenance and Helpdesk

The A&D ICT limited Help Desk provides a professional support base whether you are a customer who does not have specialist in house IT support, or you wish to compliment your existing team our helpdesk system could benefit you. We offer unlimited support to clients during office hours but we also understand that not all companies operate during the conventional 9 till 5. Here at A&D ICT limited we are able to provide IT support in transition with the hours you desire no matter what time, day or night, one of our experienced technicians is available when you need them. It could not be easier to Contact our Service Desk you can call, email or log a fault and we will do our outmost to tackle your problem immediately. All our faults are handled either remotely or on sight this will depend on the aspects of the job and which method will provide you with the fastest solution. Our Maintenance contract will be tailored to your needs it can be covered by a monthly fee in which you would have unlimited callouts or on pay as you go basis whenever you may require help.

Consultancy and advice

We will provide you with advice on finding the right technology solution for your business and identify any opportunities for improvement within your company. Our aim is to help you plan for the future whilst keeping you informed off all potential risks and pitfalls. Here at A&D ICT limited we can advise you on your IT investment decisions and our highly qualified consultants will ensure you understand all the options available to you. As well as this we will explain what the solutions have to offer in order to save you money and align your IT with the goals of the business.


Our IT Implementation service will provide your company with a customized solution that meets all of your needs. It takes years of hands-on experience and training to understand the complex interdependence even within a simple network not to mention complicated installations and critical upgrades. Our Team of Highly trained and experienced technicians are able to tackle all aspects of IT implementation with ease they are also able to perform all tasks outside of office hours to minimize business disturbance.

System Analysis Planning and Design

At A&D ICT limited we like to work in close partnership with our clients so we are able to provide a professional System Analysis and design of your IT infrastructure which will focus on your requirements and will also prove very cost effective. Whether you are moving offices and require a new IT environment or you are unhappy with your current systems and would like to upgrade to an optimal solution we will be able to help.