A&D ICT limited

Charity IT Support

We offer flexible IT support for charities at a reduced cost.

We understand that charities and non profit organisations need to reduce their overheads and therefore receive IT support at a price they can afford. A&D ICT know that charities require the reduced cost of IT solutions while still receiving a professional service that allows your charity to work as efficiently as possible.

Many charities are currently overpaying for their IT support due to partnering with commercial businesses who are only interested in maximising profits. At A&D ICT we understand the goals of those within the third sector and we offer a fantastic price reduction whether you’re a one office niche charity or a household name.

On the other hand a lot of charities are also currently relying on volunteers to provide their organisation with IT support. Unfortunately a flexible and efficient support solution is not something which can efficiently be provided by volunteers. If this is the case for you we are here to help.

If you are a charity or a non profit organisation and would be interested in this service please use our contact page and we can arrange a free no obligation quotation. Feel free to contact us today we hope to work around your entire financial restraints.