A&D ICT limited
  • "Over 15 years experience supporting large network environments and implementing outstanding IT solutions."

  • We put hours of thorough research into all our quotes so we are able to apply solutions quickly with minimal overheads.

  • Our qualified technicians make informed decisions to ensure that problems are handled swiftly and precisely.

Audit and Documentation

A&D ICT limited is a company based in Yorkshire which offers flexible IT services. We have over 15 years experience within the IT industry and the knowledge to reinforce this. Our core service is to provide Fast Internet Access to Rural areas around Penistone and fully tailored IT consultancy to support small and medium businesses within the Yorkshire area without the associated high costs…

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Network Solutions

At A&D ICT limited we look at your requirements and make sure that you are provided with the right networking equipment to do the job. We believe in installing the right scale of equipment, so you can be assured that you will not end up paying the earth for equipment that you do not require.We have expert knowledge in analyzing, specifying, configuring and installing…

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